a play by Damian Wampler, directed by Angela Astle

Best friends, separated by choice, reunited by fate.

Starts Friday, June 12 for 6 shows at the Robert Moss Theater, 440 Lafayette.

Showtimes: Friday, June 12, 5:30pm,
Sunday, June 14, 9:00pm
Wednesday, June 17, 4:00pm
Thursday, June 18, 4:00pm
Friday, June 19, 7:30pm
Sunday, June 28, 1:00pm

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Thursday, September 4, 2008


I was talking to James about my play, and mixed in between the subtle criticism and the overt hatred of a very weak second draft came a statement: make sure you know what your play is really about. And that remains the question: what is Twin Towers really about? Two childhood friends meeting up? Life in the Bronx? The psychology of an Iraq war veteran?

Today I'll have to say that Twin Towers is about freedom, and about what freedom does to one who is balanced and one who is not. Freedom can release one man and ruin another. Bondage can suffocate one man and keep another from falling to pieces. I'd like to explore freedom as a concept, and about different types of boundaries and bondage. Leave a comment if you have an experience to share. The philosophy of freedom is vast, and so is the depth of human experience about this topic. Please, join in!


-aRMa- said...

During my stay in NY, one of my good friends (Darin) kept on mentioning that "this is the land of freedom".

Buat actually, the concept of freedom is rather confusing for me. Is it because of my background? Perhaps..

Is it true that a lot (too much?) freedom will be harmful to oneself and the surroundings? Should there be any boundaries?

Damian Wampler said...

In the play, freedom allows Jamal to do great good, while it allows Trevor to do great evil. It unlocks the person inside.

Every event in life is an opportunity to do good or evil. Those with more opportunity have more chances to 'walk with God' or 'walk with the devil'.

The size of the opportunity is of no importance however. The act of doing good is in itself salvation. If all you can manage is a smile and a kind word, then you have fulfilled your potential.