a play by Damian Wampler, directed by Angela Astle

Best friends, separated by choice, reunited by fate.

Starts Friday, June 12 for 6 shows at the Robert Moss Theater, 440 Lafayette.

Showtimes: Friday, June 12, 5:30pm,
Sunday, June 14, 9:00pm
Wednesday, June 17, 4:00pm
Thursday, June 18, 4:00pm
Friday, June 19, 7:30pm
Sunday, June 28, 1:00pm

Tickets are $18 at http://www.planetconnectionsfestivity.com/

Monday, March 9, 2009


Here is a sketch I made before shooting the image for the play. W is for white, B is for black. I had to sketch it out because the idea was so complex I needed to know that it would work. This is not usually the way I shoot. For me, photography is about 'discovering beauty in unexpected places', about finding things by accident, about showing the world something I had unearthed. This way of shooting is completely different, but I have to say I enjoyed the process. While making the image in photoshop some of the elements I had in the sketch really didn't work so I changed them. But all in all, the finished product looks much like I had sketched in my mind.
We can move through live in two such ways as well, either discovering new things at random as we go, or by sketching out a rough plan and then trying to make that vision a reality. We just have to be prepared to modify our plans along the way, and not get upset with the final picture doesn't look like the sketch!

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